Every family researcher knows that records are key to establishing good documentation on their ancestors.

I have the following documents and am happy to share them.  I hope that you'll consider adding your documents to the "collection."  Please e-mail me at

Abbe, Samuel - Probate Documents
Adams, Charles - Marriage Announcement (to Mary Brenner)
Brenner, Lucy - Marriage Announcement (to George Briscoe)
Brenner, Mary - Marriage Announcement (to Charles Adams)
Briscoe, George - Marriage Announcement (to Mary Brenner)
Bullard, Joseph - Baptism Record
Bullard, Nathaniel - Death Record
Cash, Adelbert B. - Obituary
Cash, Alma (Harris) - Obituary
Cash, Burns A. - Obituary
Cash, Cecilia - Birth Record
Cash, Charles - Obituary
Cash, Elizabeth (Day) - Death Certificate
Cash, Emeline - Marriage Announcement (to George Cleveland)
Cash, Georgia (Surdam) - Obituary
Cash, Grant - Obituary
Cash, Hezekiah - Obituary
Cash, Hezekiah - Probate Documents
Cash, Jessie - Marriage Announcement (to Robert Stokes)
Cash, John - Obituary
Cash, Myra - Obituary
Cash, Presley - Obituary
Cash, Ruby (Paddock) - Obituary
Cash, Samuel - Obituary
Cash, Sarah - Wedding Record (to James Waddell)
Cash, Wade - Obituary
Cash, William Henry Harrison - Probate Documents
Cash, William "Willis" - Birth Record
Cash, William "Willis" - Marriage Announcement (to Carrie Edwards)
Christie, Esther (Van Loon) - Death Record
Christie, William - Marriage Announcement (to Esther Christie)
Cleveland, Emeline (Cash) - Obituary
Cleveland, George - Marriage Announcement (to Emeline Cash)
Cleveland, George - Obituary
Cook, Helen Josephine - Birth Notice
Cook, Helen Josephine - Obituary
Cook, Lucille (Paddock) - Obituary
Deards, Edward - Obituary
Deards, George - Obituary
Deards, John - Obituary
Edwards, Carrie - Birth Record
Edwards, Carrie - Marriage Announcement (to Willis Cash)
Edwards, Clark C. - Marriage Record (to Charlotte Knowles)
Force Baptisms
Force, Daniel W. - Marriage Record (to Laura Paddock)
Force, Oliver - Probate Documents
Force, Timothy - Death Record
Force, Welthy - Marriage Announcement (to George Paddock)
Henthorne, Jane (Brown) - Death Certificate
Hibbs, Nancy Jane (Jones) - Death Certificate
Klock, Honjost - Probate Documents
Knowles, Charlotte - Marriage Record (to Clark C. Edwards)
Lincoln, Minnie (Deards) - Obituary
Mallory, Laura - Birth Documentation from "Buckland Births"
Masse, Lucie - Birth Record
Masse, Marie - Birth Record
Masse, Marie Celina - Birth Record
Mills, Susan Ella (Cash) - Obituary
Morse, Alexander - Obituary
Morse, Julia (Morse) - Death Record
Morse, Lewis - Obituary
Paddock, Bethiah - Death Record
Paddock, Chester - Birth Record
Paddock, Daniel B. - Obituary
Paddock, Edwin B. - Marriage Announcement (to Mary Petteys)
Paddock, Edwin D.- Birth Record
Paddock, Edwin D.- Marriage Record (to Hattie Schulz)
Paddock, Edwin D.- Death Record
Paddock, Ella (Brenner) - Obituary
Paddock, George J. - Marriage Announcement (to Welthy Force)
Paddock, Ledger - Birth Record
Paddock, Laura J. - Marriage Record (to Daniel W. Force)
Paddock, Lucille - Birth Record
Paddock, Robert - Death Record
Paddock, Roger - Birth Record
Paddock, Roger - Obituary
Petteys, Mary - Marriage Announcement to Edwin Paddock
Schulz, Hattie - Marriage Record (to Edwin Paddock)
Stokes, Jessie (Cash) - Obituary
Stokes, Robert - Marriage Announcement (to Jessie Cash)
Stokes, Robert - Obituary
Surdam, William - Patent
Van Loon, Esther - Marriage Announcement (to William Christie)
Van Loon, Jacob - Obituary
Waddell, James - Marriage Record (to Sarah Cash)
Willey, Keziah (Carter) - Death Certificate
Wing Baptisms